Forget You Know Me

Strawser Forget You Know Me coverIn this riveting new domestic suspense, Jessica Strawser takes readers deep into the intimate friendship of two women and the distance, secrets, and lies that threaten to break them apart.

Liza and Molly are lifelong best friends—or at least they used to be. Ever since Liza moved away to pursue her career, leaving Molly behind with a husband and two kids, the space between them has grown in more ways than one.

Attempting to resurrect their friendship, they arrange a “girls night” over webcam, wine in hand. But when Molly runs upstairs to check on a crying toddler, Liza watches, horror-struck, as a masked man enters her friend’s home.

After calling the police, Liza frantically tries to reach Molly, but when she finally responds, her message is icy and terse, insisting that everything is fine. Liza is still convinced something is wrong—that her friend is in danger. But when an all-night drive ends in a brutal confrontation, Liza is sure their friendship is over.

Meanwhile, Molly finds herself wondering whether she’s dodged one ruinous mistake only to make another in its place. Did she sacrifice her oldest friendship to save her marriage? Or has she inadvertently sacrificed both?

Soon, they’ll face a reckoning that will force them to decide just how much weight a shared history can carry.

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