A Million Reasons Why

A Million Reasons Why“A fascinating foray into the questions we are most afraid to ask: what constitutes family, what are our obligations to those we love, where does American healthcare fail the most, what secrets are unforgivable? And in case you need another reason to read this book: there are two massive twists you’ll never see coming.” —#1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult

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When two strangers are linked by a mail-in DNA test, it’s an answered prayer—that is, for one half-sister. For the other, it will dismantle everything she knows to be true.

But as they step into the unfamiliar realm of sisterhood, the roles will reverse in ways no one could have foreseen.

Caroline lives a full, happy life—thriving career, three feisty children, enviable marriage, and a close-knit extended family. She couldn’t have scripted it better. Except for one thing:

She’s about to discover her fundamental beliefs about them all are wrong.

Sela lives a life in shades of gray, suffering from irreversible kidney failure. Her marriage crumbled in the wake of her illness. Her beloved mother and lifelong best friend passed away. She refuses to be defined by her grief, but still, she worries about what will happen to her two-year-old son if she doesn’t find a donor match in time.

She’s the only one who knows Caroline is her half-sister. That Caroline may be her best hope for a future. But Sela’s world isn’t as clear-cut as it appears—and one misstep could destroy it all.

After all, would you risk everything to save the life of the person who turned yours upside down?

From the moment Caroline meets Sela, both must reexamine what it really means to be family, the depths of a mother’s love, and the limits and the power of forgiveness.

A standout novel… seamless writing style, complex characters, and layered plot. The high concept will attract book groups and fans of Jodi Picoult and Carla Buckley.” —Booklist, *Starred Review*

“Don’t miss this searching, fraught family drama by a master of her craft. Jessica Strawser gives us a twisty plot, combined with deeply emotional content, in a novel that examines the most profound questions of our hearts. This is a story that will stay in your heart long after the last page is turned.”  —Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Map of the Heart

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“This is not your typical story of discovering a long-lost family member. The intricacies of the characters’ lives are fascinating, their secrets unpredictable, and the challenges they face infinitely complex. With this story, Strawser reveals just how complicated life can be. Through these dynamic characters, she shows that no one is ever truly a villain or a hero, but instead, we are all a beautiful and messy mix of both.” —The Associated Press

“A MILLION REASONS WHY is a heartbreaking, absorbing story with an irresistible premise. Strawser skillfully explores what it means to be family, to rethink the pivotal hinge points in a person’s life.” —Angie Kim, bestselling author of Miracle Creek

“Strawser’s characters are so layered and flawed and human that I came to care about them deeply. Heartbreaking yet hopeful, this astute exploration of the bonds and limitations of family is a perfect book club pick.” —Joshilyn Jackson, internationally bestselling author of Never Have I Ever

This book has it all: betrayal, lost loves, family secrets—and a killer twist I didn’t see coming. A powerful and poignant tale with characters that burrowed their way into my heart and will stay with me for a long time.” —Colleen Oakley, bestselling author of Close Enough to Touch

“Intertwined secrets are revealed in swift plotting that will keep readers turning the pages. This emotional family and medical drama from Strawser (Not That I Could Tell) will appeal to fans of Jodi Picoult and Liane Moriarty.” —Library Journal

“Strawser’s gripping novel about two women struggling to forge a sibling bond amid the landmines of infidelity, manipulation, and moral dilemmas has more twists than a corkscrew.” —Juliette Fay, bestselling author of The Tumbling Turner Sisters

“Book clubs will delight in untangling the moral Gordian knot presented here; there are no easy answers, and the ground shifts as the story unfolds. I was riveted, torn, and, at the end, satisfied.” —Sonja YoergWashington Post bestselling author of True Places

“Through richly drawn characters and a few satisfying plot twists, Strawser handles difficult questions with thoughtful, page-turning prose. A must-read!” —Susan Gloss, bestselling author of Vintage

“Strawser wrapped me in hope and fear as I raced to the end—filled with the gotta-know until the final words.” —Randy Susan Meyers, author of Waisted